Factor, Simon (2015): The Experimental Economy of Geoengineering

Factor, Simon (2015): The Experimental Economy of Geoengineering. In Journal of Cultural Economy, pp. 1–16. DOI 10.1080/17530350.2015.1039459.

„To grasp what is at stake in such questions, this paper traces out the marginal history of ocean geoengineering, its correlative ‘green’ economy, and through the deployment of algae as an inventive world-remaking device, their co-formation of the earth as a site of unbounded experimentation – of what I call experiment earth. My argument here is that such methods of geoengineering inject disturbances into the algae-ocean-earth system that do not seek control, but to elicit surprise and explicate the mechanisms of the complex permutations of their unpredictability, where new forms of knowledge and value are created not through the application of preconceived ideas or a process of commensuration, but through the harnessing of anticipation and the generation of surprise.“