Podcast: A Beginners Guide to Geoengineering with Janos Pasztor

„As the impact of climate change becomes more apparent, some are considering the possibilities of geoengineering. This is defined as large-scale human intervention with the Earth in order to change the climate. It can take the form of methods mimicking nature such as planting trees at very large scales, but can also entail much more radical processes, like managing solar radiation. In the coming years, Carnegie Council will be exploring this issue through an initiative led by Janos Pasztor, advisor to the UN secretary-general on climate change. This initiative is neither necessarily for nor against geoengineering. Its objective is to advocate for the development of governance frameworks, as well as for expanded research on such techniques, including their environmental, social, and economic impacts. In this clip, Pasztor gives journalist Stephanie Sy a beginner’s introduction to geoengineering and explains one of these astonishing techniques in detail.“