Turkaly, Carolyn; et al. (2017): Establishing a Climate Engineering Research Clearinghouse

Turkaly, Carolyn; Nicholson, Simon; Livingston, David; Thompson, Michael (2017): Establishing a Climate Engineering Research Clearinghouse. Carnegie Endowment for International Peace; Forum for Climate Engineering Assessment. Washington, D.C.

„On July 18, 2017, the Forum for Climate Engineering Assessment and the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace convened a meeting of experts in CE science and governance, transparency, and information visualization to discuss designing, implementing, and maintaining a CE clearinghouse. A research registry, database, or clearinghouse is often cited as a necessary transparency mechanism in the governance of CE research. This workshop, building on a 2015 meeting on disclosure mechanisms for solar radiation management convened in Ottawa,1 such a clearinghouse from principle to practice.“