Environmental China: Counteracting Climate Change through Geoengineering

„Our planet is warming; our ice caps and glaciers are melting. By pumping massive amounts of greenhouse gases into the air, humankind is effectively tinkering with the atmosphere, putting ourselves on a path to dangerous levels of climate change. But what if we could tinker in the other direction, to keep global temperatures at safe levels?

To find out more about the so-called idea of geoengineering[nbsp]and China’s related research efforts, we sit down with British expat John Moore, who is Chief Scientist heading China’s leading research program on the topic housed at Beijing Normal University. You can read more on John’s personal website (http://kaares.ulapland.fi/home/hkunta/jmoore/johnpage.htm), including a recent article he co-authored on whether China will be the first to initiate geoengineering, or by checking out this recent article in MIT Technology Review.[nbsp]John also recommends a recent editorial in[nbsp]Science, entitled, „How to govern geoengineering?“.“