Earth911: Healthy Climate Alliance Plan to Remove Carbon Dioxide From the Atmosphere

„The Healthy Climate Alliance has a bold and achievable plan to return the global climate to the conditions our great-grandparents enjoyed at the dawn of the 20th century. They want to do it by 2050, using a combination of carbon-removal technologies and natural systems to pull carbon dioxide out of the air and store it in construction materials, the bottom of the oceans, and through other economically viable programs. This is a hopeful and positive view of humanity’s ability to respond to the economic consequences of climate warming that can be added to the well-established, but limited, potential of reducing carbon emissions. The two, reductions and removal of carbon, are tools for managing climate conditions. We asked Peter Fiekowsky, founder of the Healthy Climate Alliance, to join us for the first of several conversations on the June 11, 2018,[nbsp] podcast.“