Brent, K.; et al. (2018): Carbon Dioxide Removal Geoengineering

Brent, K.; McDonald, J.; McGee, J.; Gogarty B. (2018): Carbon Dioxide Removal Geoengineering. In: Australian Law Journal 92 (10), S. 830–838. Online verfügbar unter

„Australia has vast land and marine estates so has a natural advantage to contribute to the research, field-testing and development and implementation of CDR. Despite this, there has been little analysis to date of how Australian law might govern CDR research, testing and development. Using case studies of BECCS and ocean fertilisation CDR techniques, this article examines the capacity of current Australian law to govern CDR research. We find that general environmental legislation might provide a basic governance framework for research and field-testing of BECCS and ocean fertilisation, but recommend that specific laws be developed if CDR is to play a prominent role in meeting Australia’s international climate change commitments.“