Call for attendance: Panel discussion: New and Emerging Policies for Carbon Capture

12. February 2020, New York / USA

„Carbon capture has emerged over the past two years as both an essential part of a climate response strategy and a new market for investors. In large part, this is due to new US policies[nbsp]that helps align markets to CO2 reduction and removal. One of the most important policies is a change to the US tax code, section 45Q, which creates a tax credit awarded to the capture and long-term internment of CO2. This new law has implications for US industry, innovation, clean power, and global competitiveness, and is already influencing banks, equity, and institutional investors as the next clean energy market opportunity. Understanding the law, its interpretation, and associated regulations will be critical to successful deployment of carbon capture projects in US electricity and industrial sectors.“

„Guests unable to attend in person can register to view a livestream of the event.“