IEA Bioenergy (2020): Deployment of BECCS/U value chains

IEA Bioenergy (2020): Deployment of BECCS/U value chains. Technological pathways, policy options and business models. With assistance of Olle Olsson, Christian Bang, Malgorzata Borchers, Alena Hahn, Hannu Karjunen, Daniela Thrän, Tero Tynjälä.

„This report focuses on the potential and challenges associated with deploying BECCS systems and value chains in the near to medium term. It provides a brief overview of different technological options for capture, transport and storage of CO2, and offers insights into how BECCS business models could be set up. Furthermore the role of public policy in this setting is discussed, and how bioenergy with carbon capture and utilization (BECCU) could play a role in enabling BECCS deployment.“