Mackler, Sasha; et al. (2021): A policy agenda for gigaton-scale carbon management

Mackler, Sasha; Fishman, Xan; Broberg, Danny (2021): A policy agenda for gigaton-scale carbon management. In The Electricity Journal 34 (7), p. 106999. DOI: 10.1016/j.tej.2021.106999.

„the scale of the climate challenge is monumental. Today’s global economy still relies on fossil fuels for 84 % of its energy needs; these fuels are extracted, transported, processed, and consumed through large, intricate, and often interconnected systems that developed over more than a century and reflect trillions of dollars of invested capital. In 2019, the United States accounted for 6 billion of the 40 billion tons of greenhouse gases emitted globally. In the span of a few decades, we must transition to an economy with net-zero emissions. The scale of this challenge—technologically, financially, logistically, and politically—is difficult to overstate. And success will not be possible unless critical clean energy and climate mitigation technologies, several of which are still in the nascent stages of commercialization and deployment, are scaled by several orders of magnitude within the next two decades. Technologies for managing carbon emissions, including technologies that can capture carbon dioxide (CO2) from large point sources or remove CO2 from the atmosphere, are among these high priority solutions, and must be scaled to the gigaton level by 2050.“