Job: Coda Terminal Program Manager (Carbfix)

Deadline: 30. September 2021

„Carbfix is looking for new big-minded team members to play a key role in substantially reducing global CO2 emissions. […] Carbfix has developed a natural and economic technology that turns CO2 permanently into stone underground in less than two years. […]This is a unique opportunity for ambitous and driven individuals who think big and are passionate about solving the climate crisis. The Coda Terminal is a cross-border carbon transport and storage hub in Iceland. CO2 will be captured at industrial sites in North Europe and shipped to the Terminal for permanent mineral storage with the Carbfix technology. Transport and storage capacity will amount to three million tons of CO2 per year when full capacity will be reached. Role and responsibilites: program Structure e.g. with respect to permitting processes, preparation and design, construction, customer relationships and financing; integrated scheduling and resource reconciliation; governance and stakeholder management, public relations and marketing; ensure benefit realisation.“