Rosa, Lorenzo; et al. (2021): The Role Of Beccs To Deliver Negative CO2 Emissions In Europe

Rosa, Lorenzo; Sanchez, Daniel; Mazzotti, Marco (2021): The Role Of Beccs To Deliver Negative CO2 Emissions In Europe. In SINTEF Proceedings (7). Available online at[&]isAllowed=y.

„Bio-Energy with Carbon Capture and Storage (BECCS) is a key climate mitigation technology, which involves the capture and permanent sequestration of biogenic carbon dioxide (CO2). To reach net-zero-CO2-emissions by 2050, it is forecasted that many million tons of CO2 will have to be sequestered through BECCS in Europe. There are different industrial processes that utilize biomass for bio-energy production, namely, pulp and paper mills, biogas facilities, incinerators, and biomass-fired power plants. Moreover, crop residues, organic food waste, and livestock manure could be utilized to transform biomass from a poor energy carrier to an efficient carbon drawdown carrier through BECCS. Here, we quantify the techno-environmental potential for biogenic carbon dioxide removal considering prospective BECCS opportunities that do not require purpose-grown bio-energy plantations. Combining process engineering with a bottom-up assessment, we find that there are 200 million tons CO2 yr-1 that could be deployed for biogenic carbon dioxide removal through BECCS in Europe.“