Job: Electrical Control & Instrumentation Engineer (Mission Zero Technologies)

No Deadline

„MZT is an early-stage start-up that is pioneering a breakthrough carbon capture technology that can scrub CO2 from the air using a fraction of the energy compared to incumbent technologies developed by the likes of Carbon Engineering and Climeworks. […] MZT is hiring an E, C[&]I engineer to work with both the CTO [&] CPO to develop MZT’s product lines and laboratory capability. You will lead the development of our electrical process control [&] monitoring philosophies, a capability key for optimising system performance, by supporting the integration of the direct air capture technology’s key unit operations, initially at a demonstrator scale. This will involve working closely with our process engineering team to develop the control and monitoring systems of the process hardware, enabling safe operation, real-time data acquisition and process optimisation. As one of the first technical employees, you will have a significant role in helping to develop R[&]D facilities and protocols. Our vision for our first employees is that they own the business with us (literally), grow it with us and become part of the collective story of Mission Zero, taking a catalytic role in its early history and the fight against climate change.“