Call for Proposals: Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) approaches (Horizon Europe Framework Programme, HORIZON)

Deadline: 10 February 2022

„Project results are expected to contribute to some of the following expected outcomes:

  • Support climate policies through an enhanced understanding of existing and emerging carbon dioxide removal options in terms of their technical readiness, key requirements (land and other resource needs, geographical and geological constraints, primary energy needs, etc.), short- and long-term sequestration potential, permanence, impacts (environmental, social, health, resource depletion, etc.) including potential co-benefits.
  • Support climate models and integrated assessment models through an improved parametrisation of these technologies and solutions, allowing their better integration into pathways and strategies and broadening the carbon dioxide removal technology options that can be numerically modelled.
  • A harmonised, comprehensive and transparent methodology for the characterisation and comparison of such technologies and the barriers to their deployment, which can facilitate public discourse on their role and impacts.
  • Gain better insight into the extended, system-level impacts of these technologies by considering ripple effects (e.g. extended impacts, land benefits foregone, opportunity costs, and rebound effects).
  • Develop abatement cost estimates in function of time profile as well as factors like scale of deployment, key input factors (e.g., land/sea space, energy, reservoirs).
  • Exploration and demonstration of business/ policy/ MRV (Monitoring, reporting and verification) frameworks for CDR uptake at scale, ranging from plant level to incorporation of CDR in international MRV and accounting (for example in the case of bioenergy trade).“