Marczak-Grzesik, Marta et al. (2021): Modified Fly Ash-Based Adsorbents (MFA) for Mercury and Carbon Dioxide Removal from Coal-Fired Flue Gases

Marta Marczak-Grzesik, Piotr Piersa, Mateusz Karczewski, Szymon Szufa, Hilal Ünyay, Aleksandra Kędzierska-Sar, Piotr Bochenek in Energies 2021, 14 (21), 7101;

One of the solid waste produced during the combustion of coal are fly ashes (FA). The exact chemical composition of FA depends mainly on the type of utilised fuel and combustion conditions. The chemical and physical properties of fly ash (e.g., particle size distribution, porosity, and surface area) make it suitable as an adsorbent to remove various impurities from process flows such as flue gas stream. Its suitability for capturing mercury from flue gas was experimentally confirmed due to its abundant supply, particle size, bulk density, porosity, chemical composition and low cost.