Vicca et al. (2021): Is the climate change mitigation effect of enhanced silicate weathering governed by biological processes?

Sara Vicca, Daniel Goll, Mathilde Hagens, Jens Hartmann, Ivan A. Janssens, Anna Neubeck, Josep Peñuelas, Sílvia Poblador, Jet Rijnders, Jordi Sardans, Eric Struyf, Philipp Swoboda, Jan Willem van Groenigen, Arthur Vienne, Erik Verbruggen IN: Global change Biology, 13 November 2021, doi:10.1111/gcb.15993 (open access)

A number of negative emission technologies (NETs) have been proposed to actively remove CO2 from the atmosphere, with enhanced silicate weathering (ESW) as a relatively new NET with considerable climate change mitigation potential. Here, they argue that it is likely that the climate change mitigation effect of ESW will be governed by biological processes, emphasizing the need to put these processes on the agenda of this emerging research field.