Nature-Eufrasio et al. (2022): Environmental and health impacts of atmospheric CO2 removal by enhanced rock weathering depend on nations’ energy mix

Rafael M. Eufrasio, Euripides P. Kantzas, Neil R. Edwards, Philip B. Holden, Hector Pollitt, Jean-Francois Mercure, S. C. Lenny Koh & David J. Beerling IN: Commun Earth Environ 3, 106 (2022),

Here the authors address the requirement of diverse stakeholders for informative studies quantifying possible environmental and health risks of Enhanced Rock Weathering. Using life-cycle assessment modelling of potential supply chain impacts for twelve nations undertaking Enhanced Rock Weathering deployment to deliver up to net 2 Gt CO2 yr−1 CDR, the authors find that rock grinding rather than mining exerts the dominant influence on environmental impacts.