Certification of Carbon Removals: Part 1: Synoptic review of carbon removal solutions

Niki Bey, Hugh McDonald, Larisa Maya-Drysdale, Raphaëlle Stewart, Cordelia Pätz, Maria Naae Hornsleth, Laurens Duin, Ana Frelih-Larsen, Christian Heller, Paul Zakkour; report, 126 pp. owner and editor: Environment Agency Austria

The European Commission is developing a certification mechanism for naturebased and technology-based carbon removals. To support its development, this report aims to provide a thorough overview and reviews existing solutions for such removals, covering both nature-based solutions (NBS) and technology-based solutions (TBS). By documenting different key characteristics, the report identifies and evaluates a range of options for the EU certification mechanism, supporting the development of a robust and effective system to incentivise uptake of carbon removals within Europe.