CDR companies offer various jobs

  • Carbon Gap have a number of open Policy, Operations, and Research roles:
  • Great Plains Institute is recruiting management level staff to lead their carbon management roles:
  • Climate Tech VC is looking for a Managing Editor to drive Climate Tech VC’s narrative and market coverage:
  • Remora is on a mission to capture carbon from the tailpipes of semi-trucks. They’re hiring Industrial, Electrical, and other engineering roles based in Michigan:
  • XPrize Milestone Winner and new direct air capture company Carbyon is looking for a PLC Engineer and Mechanical System Designer based in The Netherlands:
  • Charm Industrial are performing carbon removal through their bio-oil sequestration process. They have openings in business, operations, and R&D based in SF:
  • Running Tide grows biomass and sinks it to the bottom of the ocean. The company has openings in Operations, Research, and Software based out of Portland, Maine:
  • CarbonCure Technologies just signed the largest purchase agreement for carbon mineralization carbon credits. They have Finance, Engineering, and Marketing jobs based in Eastern Canada and abroad:
  • Air Company makes products like vodka, fragrance, and fuels from captured carbon and just closed a $30M Series A. They have 10 job openings in PR, Comms, HR, and Engineering: