Working Paper: Carbon Dioxide Removal: Climbing up the EU Climate Policy Agenda

Felix Schenuit, Oliver Geden; Working Paper Research Division EU/Europe 2022/ No. 01, May 2022, 18 Pages; doi:10.18449/2022WP02

„Acknowledging the need to balance hard-to-abate emissions by mid-century in particular led to a rapid career for the issue of CDR. Analysis of different pieces of EU legislation and major actors reveals that after bein governed implicitly in the LULUCF sector, the issue of CDR has now climbed up the political agenda and policy actors are now starting to proactively address the need to enhance EU’s carbon sink capacity.“

this Working Paper is based on a draft chapter. The final version will be available in: Handbook on European Union Climate Change Policy and Politics, edited by Tim Rayner, Kacper Szulecki, Andrew Jordan and Sebastian Oberthür, forthcoming 2022, Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd