The potential role of olive groves to deliver carbon dioxide removal in a carbon-neutral Europe: Opportunities and challenges

Ángel Galán-Martín, María del Mar Contreras, Inmaculada Romero, Encarnación Ruiz, Salvador Bueno-Rodríguez, Dolores Eliche-Quesada, Eulogio Castro-Galiano IN: Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 165, 112609,

Relying on a geospatial assessment of existing olive groves (and associated residual biomass) combined with statistical, process systems engineering, and life cycle emissions data, the CDR potential considering five actions linked with the olive agroecosystems was estimated. These actions are i) conservation measures protecting tree carbon sequestration, ii) agricultural practices increasing soil carbon sequestration, iii) biochar production and utilization, iv) biomass conversion routes coupled with carbon capture and storage (CCS), and v) development of bio-based and CO2-based materials.