Campbell et al. (2022): Geochemical Negative Emissions Technologies: Part I. Review

James S. Campbell, Spyros Foteinis, Veronica Furey, Olivia Hawrot, Daniel Pike, Silvan Aeschlimann, Cara N. Maesano, Paul L. Reginato, Daniel R. Goodwin, Loren L. Looger, Edward S. Boyden, Phil Renforth IN: Frontiers in Climate 4,

In Part I of this work, the authors reviewed the current state of geochemical NETs, highlighting key features (mineral resources; processes; kinetics; storage durability; synergies with other NETs such as DAC, risks; limitations; co-benefits, environmental impacts and life-cycle assessment). The role of organisms and biological mechanisms in enhancing geochemical NETs is also explored. In Part II, a roadmap is presented to help catalyze the research, development, and deployment of geochemical NETs at the gigaton scale over the coming decades.