Merkouris et al. (2022): Regulation of Ocean CDR Methods in the Kingdom of the Netherlands

Panos Merkouris, F. A. Nelissen, Medes Malaihollo IN: R. M. Webb, K. G. Silverman-Roati , & M. Gerrard (Eds.): Ocean Carbon Dioxide Removal for Climate Mitigation: The Legal Framework; Edward Elgar Publishing

This Chapter outlines the relevant Dutch Acts and other legal instruments that are relevant in connection to activities related to ocean CDR methods. Of special importance in this context are the water permit, the nature permit and the environmental impact assessments that have to be conducted. This Chapter also includes an analysis of upcoming Dutch legislation, namely the Environment and Planning Act. Although this Act has not entered into force yet, it is designed with a view to harmonizing all relevant Dutch Acts that could regulate ocean CDR methods.