Young et al. [Preprint]: The cost of direct air capture and storage: the impact of technological learning, regional diversity, and policy

John Young, Noah McQueen, Charithea Charalambous, Spyros Foteinis, Olivia Hawrot, Manuel Ojeda, Hélène Pilorgé, John Andresen, Peter Psarras, Phil Renforth, Susana Garcia, Mijndert van der Spek IN: ChemRxiv. Cambridge University Press: Cambridge Open Engage; 2022; working paper

The authors show the cost of DACS, for four example technologies, of plants built today before they project these costs into the future using technological learning theory. The authors exhibit that the costs of the first plants will be higher than many figures quoted today, but long-term, this can reduce to $80-600 t-CO2-1 at the Gt-CO2 year-1 technology scale. They also show that intelligent deployment via siting and energy source selection is critical and can save a few thousand dollars per t-CO2-1 for some technologies.