Science-Mao et al. (2022): A scalable solid-state nanoporous network with atomic-level interaction design for carbon dioxide capture

Haiyan Mao, Jing Tang, Gregory S. Day, Yucan Peng, Haoze Wang, Xin Xiao, Yufei Yang, Yuanwen Jiang, Shuo Chen, David M. Halat, Alicia Lund, Xudong Lv, Wenbo Zhang, Chongqing Yang, Zhou Lin, Hong-Cai Zhou, Alexander Pines, Yi Cui, Jeffrey A. Reimer IN: Science Advances 8 (31), DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.abo6849

The authors demonstrate new sustainable, solid-state, polyamine-appended, cyanuric acid–stabilized melamine nanoporous networks (MNNs) via dynamic combinatorial chemistry (DCC) at the kilogram scale toward effective and high-capacity carbon dioxide capture.