Kludze et al. (2022): Biocement from the Ocean: Hybrid Microbial-Electrochemical Mineralization of CO2

Atsu Kludze, Devan Solanki, Marcelo Lejeune, Rito Yanagi, Momoko Ishii, Neera Raychaudhuri, Paul Anastas, Nanette Boyle, Shu Hu IN: iScience, 105156, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.isci.2022.105156

This work discusses a hybrid method that combines primary production via the growth of autotrophic microorganisms (i.e., photosynthetic cyanobacteria) and microbially-induced carbonate precipitation. Carbon fixation and carbonate precipitation can be co-optimized by using bipolar membrane electrodialysis devices (BPMEDs), which generate seawater with adjustable pH. The authors examine the scale-up potential for naturally produced bio-carbonate composite materials and compare its production with published ocean CDR strategies for reducing anthropogenic CO2 emissions.