Kemp et al. (2022): Detection and quantification of low levels of carbonate mineral species using thermogravimetric-mass spectrometry to validate CO2 drawdown via enhanced rock weathering

Simon J. Kemp, Amy L. Lewis, Jeremy C. Rushton IN: Applied Geochemistry Vol. 146, 105465,

The study of six different basaltic materials used in ERW experiments, from widely different geological and geographical settings, suggests that thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) weight losses can provide useful information on the low-levels of carbonate minerals present. Furthermore, carbonate mineral identification and quantification derived from the accompanying MS-detected CO2 evolution and corroborated by SEM-EDS mapping, is capable of detecting even lower concentrations with detection limits below 100 ppm for calcite. TGA-MS therefore offers significant advantages over the traditionally-applied inorganic carbon analyses.