Bu et al. (2022): Meta-Analysis for Quantifying Carbon Sequestration and Greenhouse Gas Emission in Paddy Soils One Year after Biochar Application

Bu, Fei, Qiong Nan, Wushuang Li, Nanthi Bolan, Binoy Sarkar, Jun Meng, Hailong Wang IN: Agronomy 12, no. 12: 3065. https://doi.org/10.3390/agronomy12123065

To give an overview of the quantified carbon reduction, a meta-analysis model of different carbon emission factors was established, and the life cycle-based carbon reduction of biochar was estimated. After one year of incorporation, biochar significantly increased the total soil carbon (by 27.2%) and rice production (by 11.3%); stimulated methane (CH4) and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 13.6% and 1.41%, respectively, but having insignificant differences with no biochar amendment; and reduced nitrous oxide (N2O) emissions by 25.1%.