Lux et al. (2023): Potentials of direct air capture and storage in a greenhouse gas-neutral European energy system

Benjamin Lux, Niklas Schneck, Benjamin Pfluger, Wolfgang Männer, Frank Sensfuß IN: Energy Strategy Reviews 45,

This article investigates the potential of reducing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere via the DACCS pathway, i.e., to capture CO2 from the ambient air and permanently store it in geological formations. Since the capture of CO2 from ambient air is energy-intensive, this study particularly models the integration of DACCS plants into a greenhouse gas-neutral European energy system. The model results show that DACCS in Europe 2050 could cost between 160 €/tCO2 and 270 €/tCO2 with very conservative techno-economic assumptions and between 60 €/tCO2 and 140 €/tCO2 using more progressive parameters.