Perdana et al. (2023): Expert perceptions of game-changing innovations towards net zero

Sigit Perdana, Georgios Xexakis, Konstantinos Koasidis, Marc Vielle, Alexandros Nikas, Haris Doukas, Ajay Gambhir, Annela Anger-Kraavi, Elin May, Ben McWilliams, Baptiste Boitier IN: Energy Strategy Reviews 45, 101022,

The authors evaluate innovations from the experts‘ perspective, aiming to support the design of realistic decarbonisation scenarios and better-informed net-zero policy strategies. In a worldwide survey, 260 climate and energy experts assessed transformative innovations against their mitigation potential, at-scale availability and/or widescale adoption, and risk of delayed diffusion. Hierarchical clustering and multi-criteria decision-making revealed differences in perceptions of core technological innovations, with next-generation energy storage, alternative building materials, iron-ore electrolysis, and hydrogen in steelmaking emerging as top priorities.