Report: Smith et al. (2023) – The State of Carbon Dioxide Removal – 1st Edition

Smith,, S. M., Geden, O., Nemet, G.F., Gidden, M.J., Lamb, W.F., Powis, C., Bellamy, R., Callaghan, M.W., Cowie, A, Cox, E., Fuss, S., Gasser, T., Grassi, G., Greene, J., Lück, S., Mohan, A., Müller-Hansen, F., Peters, G. P., Pratama, Y., Repke, T., Riahi, K., Schenuit, F., Steinhauser, J., Strefler, J., Valenzuela, J.M., Minx, J.C., 2023, 108 pp.,

The State of Carbon Dioxide Removal report is the first global assessment of the state of CDR. They find a gap between proposed CDR deployment and what will be needed to meet the Paris temperature goal to limit warming to well below 2°C and pursue efforts to achieve 1.5°C. This report is intended to regularly inform researchers, policymakers and practitioners on the state of progress, by systematically collecting and analysing the vast amount of data and developments in many parts of the world.  The authors aim to build a community, bridge data gaps and support the scale up of CDR responsibly and equitably.