Four job openings (2 PhDs, 2 Postdocs) at GEOMAR in relation to ocean alkalinity enhancement

Application deadline: February 6th, 2023

GEOMAR is hiring for 1 postdoc and 2 PhD positions in pelagic ecology and/or biogeochemistry in the research unit Biological Oceanography and 1 postdoc position in modelling physical-biogeochemical interactions of ocean alkalinity enhancement in the research unit Marine Biogeochemical Modelling:

All positions are part of the consortium style international research project “OCEAN ALK-ALIGN: Aligning Ocean alkalinity for sustainable, safe and verifiable long-term CO2 removal” that will investigate the potential of ocean alkalinity enhancement (OAE) as a means of CDR. OCEAN ALK-ALIGN aims to close existing knowledge gaps by investigating three aspects essential for possible OAE implementation: (1) the efficiency and permanence of CO2 removal; (2) environmental safety; (3) monitoring and verification.