Nature-Seo & Hatton (2023): Electrochemical direct air capture of CO2 using neutral red as reversible redox-active material

Seo, H., Hatton, T.A. IN: Nat Commun 14, 313 (2023).

The authors demonstrate electrochemical direct air capture using neutral red as a redox-active material in an aqueous solution enabled by the inclusion of nicotinamide as a hydrotropic solubilizing agent. The electrochemical system demonstrates a high electron utilization of 0.71 in a continuous flow cell with an estimated minimum work of 35 kJe per mole of CO2 from 15% CO2. Further exploration using ambient air (410 ppm CO2 in the presence of 20% oxygen) as a feed gas shows electron utilization of 0.38 in a continuous flow cell to provide an estimated minimum work of 65 kJe per mole of CO2.