Dupla et al. (2023): Potential accumulation of toxic trace elements in soils during enhanced rock weathering

Xavier Dupla, Benjamin Möller, Philippe C. Baveye, Stéphanie Grand IN: Eur J Soil Sci, https://doi.org/10.1111/ejss.13343

This study evaluates the legal sustainability of ERW (Enhanced Rock Weathering) with regard to trace element contents in soils. The authors compare different trace element accumulation scenarios considering a range of rock sources, application rates and national regulatory limits. The results indicate that, at the suggested annual application rate of 40 tonnes per hectare, the first regulatory limits would be exceeded after 6 and 10 years for copper and nickel, respectively. This study argues in favor of a close tailoring of ERW deployment to local conditions in order to tap into its climate mitigation potential while preserving long-term soil uses.