Plan Sea: Ocean Interventions to Address Climate Change

podcast by Wil Burns, Anna Medlener & Andrew Lewin (Institute for Carbon Removal Law & Policy, American University)

Within this series, two new podcasts were relased focused on ocean-based carbon dioxide removal:

  1. How carbon sequestration will be measured, reported, and verified (MRV) in the future„: Host Wil Burns and producer, Andrew Lewin, welcome Mowgli Homes, the CEO of Submarine, which is hoping to help the industry navigate the shoals of MRV in a cost-effective and high-integrity fashion. Mowgli discusses where the industry is going and how it will address some of the challenges in the future. 
  2. Cultivating and sinking Sargassum for CO2 uptake„: Dr. Franziska Elmer and John Auckland join Wil Burns and new cohost Anna Madlener on the podcast to discuss the startup company for which they work called Seafields. Seafields uses compressed Sargassum bales to function as natural “carbon batteries.” The bales are sunk into the abyssal plain of the ocean, which will local away the CO2 for millennia. Franziska and John talk about their company and their process where they discuss how their company will work towards getting permitting, third-party impact assessments, and navigating the rules of regulation in order to accomplish their goals.