Report: Biochar in forestry. Status in the Nordic-Baltic countries

Hanssen, Kjersti Holt; Bruckman, Viktor J.; Gundale, Michael; Indriksons, Aigars; Ingerslev, Morten; Kaivapalu, Marju; Lazdina, Dagnija; Makovskis, Kristaps; O’Toole, Adam; Ots, Katri; Palviainen, Marjo; Stokland, Jogeir Nicolai; Varnagiryte-Kabasinskiene, Iveta (2023); NIBIO

The report gives an overview of current and potential uses, production methods and facilities, legislation, current and future research as well as biochar properties and effects. So far, most biochar studies have been conducted on agricultural soils, though research in the forestry sector is starting to emerge. The first biochar field experiments in boreal forests support that wood biochar promotes tree growth. Also, studies on the use of biochar as an additive to the growing medium in tree nurseries show promising results.