Kuru et al. (2023): Solid sorbent direct air capture using geothermal energy resources (S-DAC-GT) – Region specific analysis

Timur Kuru, Keivan Khaleghi, Silviu Livescu IN: Geoenergy Sciense Engineering 224, 211645, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.geoen.2023.211645

This paper reviews the potential use of low temperature geothermal resources for thermal energy necessary for CO2 direct air capture (DAC) processes (geothermal DAC or S-DAC-GT). The paper includes a literature review of DAC processes and exiting techno-economic analyses on the subject. It also provides a list of global geothermal resources, maps, and databases that would be useful in finding areas of high favorability for S-DAC-GT deployment across the world.Finally, it concludes with a techno-economic analysis of four specific regions within the United States and one European region that may potentially be attractive S-DAC-GT sites.