Lammers et al. (2023): Electrolytic Sulfuric Acid Production with Carbon Mineralization for Permanent Carbon Dioxide Removal

Laura N. Lammers, Yanghua Duan, Luis Anaya, Ayumi Koishi, Romario Lopez, Roxanna Delima, David Jassby, David L. Sedlak IN: ACS Sustainable Chem. Eng.;

Here, a scalable CDR and mineralization process is reported in which water electrolysis is used to produce sulfuric acid for accelerated weathering, while a base is used to permanently sequester CO2 from air into carbonate minerals. The process can be integrated into existing extractive processes by reacting produced sulfuric acid with critical element feedstocks that neutralize acidity (e.g., rock phosphorus or ultramafic rock mine tailings), with calcium- and magnesium-bearing sulfate wastes electrolytically upcycled.