Kamarajugedda et al. (2023): Carbon storage and sequestration in Southeast Asian urban clusters under future land cover change scenarios (2015–2050)

Shankar Acharya Kamarajugedda, Justin Andrew Johnson, Robert McDonald, Perrine Hamel IN: Frontiers in Environmental Science 11, 1105759, https://doi.org/10.3389/fenvs.2023.1105759

Southeast Asia (SEA) is an important region to study urban-caused LULC emissions and the potential for nature-based solutions (NBS) and nature climate solutions (NCS), as it is home to nearly 15% of the world’s tropical forests and has some of the world’s fastest rates of urban growth. The authors present a fine-scale urban cluster level assessment for SEA of current (2015) and future (2050) scenarios for carbon sequestration service and climate mitigation potential.