Nature – Lei et al. (2023): Global iron and steel plant CO2 emissions and carbon-neutrality pathways

Tianyang Lei, Daoping Wang, Shijun Ma, Weichen Zhao, Can Cui, Jing Meng, Xiang Yu, Qiang Zhang, Shu Tao, Dabo Guan IN: Nature;

The highly energy-intensive iron and steel industry contributed about 25% of global industrial CO2 emissions in 2019 and is therefore critical for climate-change mitigation. Here the authors develop a CO2 emissions inventory of 4,883 individual iron and steel plants along with their technical characteristics, including processing routes and operating details (status, age, operation-years etc.). They identify and match appropriate emission-removal or zero-emission technologies to specific possessing routes, or what the authors define thereafter as a techno-specific decarbonization road map for every plant.