Bach et al. (2023): Identifying the most (cost-)efficient regions for CO2 removal with iron fertilization in the Southern Ocean

Lennart T. Bach, Veronica Tamsitt, Kimberlee Baldry, Jeffrey McGee, Emmanuel C. Laurenceau-Cornec, Robert F. Strzepek, Yinghuan Xie, Philip W. Boyd IN: Global Biogeochemical Cycles,

Ocean iron fertilization (OIF) aims to remove carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere by stimulating phytoplankton carbon-fixation and subsequent deep ocean carbon sequestration in iron-limited oceanic regions. Here, the authors utilize five requirements that strongly influence whether OIF can lead to atmospheric CO2 removal (CDR): The requirement (a) to use preformed nutrients from the lower overturning circulation cell; (b) for prevailing iron-limitation; (c) for sufficient underwater light for photosynthesis; (d) for efficient carbon sequestration; (e) for sufficient air-sea CO2 transfer.