Zolfaghari et al. (2023): Simulation of Carbon Dioxide Direct Air Capture Plant Using Potassium Hydroxide Aqueous Solution: Energy Optimization and CO2 Purity Enhancement

Zahra Zolfaghari, Alireza Aslani, Rahim Zahedi, Sina Kazzazi IN: Energy Conversion and Management, 100489, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ecmx.2023.100489

The present study adopts the high-temperature DAC method with an aqueous KOH absorbent as its focus, aiming to mitigate energy consumption. Given that a substantial portion of energy consumption in comparable processes can be attributed to the calciner and slaker units, our research centers its attention on the Air Separation Unit (ASU) and the steam cycle unit, investigating their impact on the system’s production capacity, the enhancement of CO2 purity, and the augmentation of equipment thermal recovery. Process optimization, results a remarkable increase in heat recovery (21.1%) and significant reductions in utilities consumption.