Nature – Liu et al. (2023): Biochar-plant interactions enhance nonbiochar carbon sequestration in a rice paddy soil

Zhiwei Liu, Wei Zhang, Ruiling Ma, Shixian Li, Kaiyue Song, Jufeng Zheng, Yan Wang, Rongjun Bian, Xuhui Zhang, Genxing Pan IN: Communications Earth & Environment, 4,

It remains elusive on how biochar addition influences nonbiochar C in soils and its mechanisms, especially in the presence of plants. Here the authors conducted a 365-day soil microcosm experiment with and without adding 13C-labeled biochar into topsoil to quantify changes in nonbiochar C in the topsoil and subsoil in the presence or absence of rice plants and to determine the mechanisms by which biochar controls nonbiochar C accrual in the soil profile.