Mamaghani et al. (2024): Impact evaluation of coexisting gas CO on CO2 adsorption on biochar derived from softwood shavings

Zahra Ghanbarpour Mamaghani, Kelly A. Hawboldt, Stephanie MacQuarrie, Michael J. Katz IN: Separation and Purification Technology 338, 126529,

In this work, the affinity of biochar, produced from softwood via fast pyrolysis at 500 °C, for CO and CO2 was first predicted using molecular modeling binding energy calculations. The results suggested that CO2 would be favored over CO for adsorption on biochar because of its stronger adsorption (higher released adsorption energy). The biochar adsorption of pure CO and CO2 were then studied using batch and dynamic experiments, where the isotherm and kinetic models of the pure gas adsorptions were derived. Dual-site Langmuir isotherm fitted both of the gases equilibrium adsorption data the best, confirming the non-homogeneous surface of biochar.