Webinar: Scrubbing the Skies – Sustainable Financing of Negative Emissions with a CO2 Emitter Liability

March 23, 7-8 pm CEST, hosted by the Institute for Responsible Carbon Removal

In this webinar the concept of Atmospheric CO2 Removal Deposits (ACORDs) is discussed with Professor Anders Lyngfeldt of the Chalmers University of Technology in Göteborg. Anyone that emits fossil CO2 to the atmosphere would be obliged to finance the removal of at least as much CO2 from the atmosphere. Linking the liability to ACORDs acknowledges that a major part of the negative emissions needs to be made in the future. The emitters’ financial deposits, including earnings, could be redeemed upon certified proof of removal. The ACORDs system would comply with the widely accepted principle of producer liability, i.e., that companies are responsible for the damage caused by their products. The system would also provide additional incentives to reduce emissions and an innovative funding source for coming generations to accomplish negative emissions.