Dupla et al. (2024): Assessing the biogeochemical impacts of terrestrial enhanced rock weathering on soil fertility

Xavier Dupla, Romane Claustre, Emma Bonvin, Iris Graf, Claire Le Bayon, Stéphanie Grand IN:  EGU General Assembly 2024, https://doi.org/10.5194/egusphere-egu24-20481

This field trial assessed the impact of ERW on biological, physical, and geochemical dimensions of soil fertility. Overall, basalt addition had a predominantly positive to neutral effect on soil fertility. The majority of soil properties showed no significant change either 1 month or 1 year post basalt application. Nevertheless, our study highlighted a significant increase in earthworm biomass, soil respiration and sodium concentration as early as 1 month post application. These changes, suggestive of rapid initial weathering processes, require further investigation before enhanced rock weathering can be considered a viable and secure carbon dioxide removal technology.