Jiang et al. (2024): Sponge iron-coupled biochar solution can achieve the synergistic augmentation of carbon sequestration, carbon sink capacity, and denitrification in ecological ditches

Bi–Ni Jiang, Ying–Ying Zhang, Yan Wang, Hai–qin Liu, Qing Zhou, Yi–Jing Yang, Zhi–Yong Zhang, Yu–Li Yang, Wen–jing Guo, Hai–Liang Song IN: Chemical Engineering Journal, 493, 152496, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.cej.2024.152496

Zero-waste biochar, a negative-carbon technology, remains contentious regarding C sequestration. Iron (Fe) enhances long-term organic carbon (OC) preservation, but the cascading effects of Fe-biochar interactions on the promotion of C accumulation are unclear in eco-ditches. In this paper, the authors fill these research gaps and employ sponge iron (s-ZVI) and biochar coupling (Fe-C) to enhance the iron gate C protection in eco-ditches.