Shahbaz et al. (2024): Evaluating negative emission technologies in a circular carbon economy: A holistic evaluation of direct air capture, bioenergy carbon capture and storage and biochar

Muhammad Shahbaz, Mohammad Alherbawi, Eric C. Okonkwo, Tareq Al-Ansari IN: Journal of Cleaner Production, 466,

The current study aims to develop an intelligent system incorporating various mitigation technologies. In this investigation, three technologies; Direct Air Capture (DAC), Bioenergy with Carbon Capture and Storage (BECCS), and Biochar production from pyrolysis are evaluated for their capacity to mitigate one million tonnes of CO2. Process models are developed for each method,followed by techno-economic analyses and optimization to derive the most effective solution. The holistic approach considers objectives such as net energy gain, minimized water usage, and product sales.