Li et al. (2024): Carbon sequestration effects in cementitious composite binder materials under accelerated carbonation: A review

Shaochun Li, Xu Chen, Mengjun Hu, Yongjuan Geng, Shiyu Sui, Shuling Meng, Ling Jin, Weijiu Cui IN: Materials Today Sustainability, 25, 100663,

This paper reviews the latest research progress on the carbon sequestration effects of cement-based binder composite materials under accelerated carbonation methods. It provides a detailed exploration of the influence of cement, admixtures, and additives on the accelerated carbonation outcomes of binding materials. The paper discusses the carbonation capacity of composite binding systems, identifies existing issues, and explores future developments. The aim is to provide practical insights that can enhance the carbon sequestration capability of cement-based binder composite materials. This paper can serve as a technical reference for the construction industry to achieve the goal of “low-carbon emission“ through the utilization of accelerated carbonation technology.