Yi et al. (2024): Review on Advances and Prospectives of Direct Air Capture: Thermodynamic Verification, Optimized Material Selection, and Technical Economic Assessment for the Application

Chao Yi, Bin Guan, Zhongqi Zhuang, Junyan Chen, Jiangfeng Guo, Yujun Chen, Zeren Ma, Chenyu Zhu, SiKai Zhao, Hongtao Dang, Lei Chen, Kaiyou Shu, Yuan Li, Kuangyi Shi, Zelong Guo, Jingqiu Hu, Xuehan Hu, Zhen Huang IN: Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, https://doi.org/10.1021/acs.iecr.4c00684

This paper first summarizes the different systems DAC can deal with, such as gas/solid, gas/liquid, and gas/polymer systems, and then illustrates the thermodynamic feasibilities of DAC under each condition. From a perspective of industrial practice, the review presents several hopeful chemical technologies from many aspects including capturing material, process flow, and techno-economic analysis, with contents allocated by the maturity of the technology. This review especially analyzes demonstration plants like Climeworks and explores experiences about how to transform early laboratory results based on unit operation into large-scale production.