Xiao et al. (2024): Cellulose-based aerogel derived N, B-co-doped porous biochar for high-performance CO2 capture and supercapacitor

Jianfei Xiao, Xiaofang Yuan, Weikeduo Li, Tian C. Zhang, Ge He, Shaojun Yuan IN: International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, 269, 1, 132078, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ijbiomac.2024.132078

In this study, a novel N, B-co-doped porous biochar (NBCPB) was synthesized by carbonating and activating the N, B dual-doped cellulose aerogel. N and B atoms were doped in-situ using a modified alkali-urea method. The potassium citrate was served as both an activator and a salt template to facilitate the formation of a well-developed nanostructure. The optimized NBCPB-650-1 (where 650 corresponded to activation temperature and 1 represented mass ratio of potassium citrate activator to carbonized NBCPB-400 precursor) displayed the largest micropore volume of 0.40 cm3·g−1 and a high specific surface area of 891 m2·g−1, which contributed to an excellent CO2 adsorption capacity of 4.19 mmol·g−1 at 100 kPa and 25 °C, a high CO2/N2 selectivity, and exceptional reusability (retained >97.5 % after 10 adsorption-desorption cycles).